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"We know the history of each piece of barnwood we use because we reclaimed the barn ourselves."









Custom Barnwood Furniture and Millwork


We ship anywhere in the U.S.A.

Barn Removal

If you have an old barn that you would like dismantled, please call us to discuss your particular barn. We are fully insured with an experienced work crew. We can be reached at (845) 629-9656.

See slides of barn dismantling.



barn 2


dismantle barn


siding off barn


side of barn off


addition off barn



This barn, circa 1860, was dismantled for the wood.


After The Barn prides itself on being Green - reclaiming centuries old hardwood and re-purposing it into finely crafted cabinets and millwork, dining tables, art works and unique birdhouses.


We believe it is better to recycle the wood from old structures, transforming and redefining their role and enhancing their value rather than to relegating the old beams, walls and floors to a landfill where the irreplaceable hardwood would needless decompose and disappear along with any knowledge of their origins and the history of their honored place in rural America.